Kim Batson is a Christian with a passion for sharing the joy that she’s found in Jesus Christ. With a ministry that has spanned over 30 years, she speaks, writes, coaches and ministers globally and is recognized for exceptional presentation, communication and relational skills. Kim also has a love of music and is a singer, songwriter, musician, and worship-leader. She co-pastors Grace Christian Fellowship in Redmond, WA, with her husband, Mark.

Apart from ministry, Kim is a Career Coach, Personal Branding and Job Search Strategist for Chief Technology Officers and other senior technology executives. Her other Twitter account is http://Twitter.com/CIOCoach

All the glory belongs to God. He has made it all possible and He is so good. And, as you can imagine, joy is her favorite gift of the Spirit!

For an interesting cultural mix, she’s British-American with a passion for a quality cup of tea, a sense of humor (or humour!) and traveling abroad.

If you are looking for a speaker at your next event, you might want to know that Kim is described as having a very dynamic and engaging presentation style.
Here is what others have said:

“Kim was one of the highest rated speakers at our conference. The information and insight she presented…was thought provoking and inspiring…[her] top-notch presentation skills sealed her popularity with the audience.” – A.M.

“Kim Batson is a highly talented and extremely knowledgeable speaker who is able to fully captivate an audience with her enthusiasm, and rivet their attention on the subject at hand. She radiates such a positive attitude that she is able to easily take charge and have the crowd involved and excited about the topic and she is able to make them more open and willing to learn. I have enjoyed watching her speak and found that the time passed so quickly, the session was up before I was ready to leave! I think I could have easily listened to her for another 2 hours. I also know that Kim radiates this same enthusiasm, professionalism, and solid knowledge about her subjects even when she is not in front of a crowd. I consider her a true gem and would travel many miles, if necessary to hear her speak again.” – T.P.

“Kim personally engages her audiences with a vibrant and welcoming presentation style. She seamlessly weaves theory, stories, case studies, and interactive activities with practical applications that elevates participant learning.”- M.M.

Other places to find Kim online:

Twitter @TheJoyJourney


One thought on “About

  1. visiting Yorkshire from south aftica. spent yesterday in edinburgh, got such a deep burden for the cowd of tourists crowding at the castle.
    my heart calling to God for their souls and wondering if there were any other children of the living God
    in the crowd…next minute prople came passing by with a white cross with your details…Hallelujah!! so thankfulto know there are still people reaching out with the gospel in this godless generation.
    may God bless, lead and guide you.

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